Worst 2 Best

Renovation and extention of a 1921 Californian Bungalow

Professionals Used

Below is a list of those services I have used, what I used them for and what I thought of the service (I will update this as I use them more or less over the project)

  • Peter Jackson Design Pty Ltd – Design concept drawing (pending working drawings)

Peters approach is quite hands on and consultative, a full brief was taken and what he came back with was totally different from what I imagined. At first this was a bad thing, but once I calmed down and really looked at what he proposed I liked it. It also helped that he took us right through everything and explained why he has done certain things. We are now on Design ‘E’ and there is not many changes left, just tweeking.

  • Ponderosa Builder

It was a tight race to the end of the quoting process, we learnt a lot about how to do things and how to save money along the way. Paul from Ponderosa Builder came out as a clear winner at the end. The main reason for this was his ability to be onsite through the build. As this is our first major project, we needed someone to hold our hand a little and guide us in ways to reduce the cost. ur budget is tight with no contingency, so if things blow out we may be in trouble.

Ponderosa Builders
We are around 4 weeks from completion of the project, things have gone very well. As we thought, Paul has a great attention to details and has always kept in mind our limited budget. Thus far we are only just over budget for his part of the build, and overall we are under budget.
We would be happy to recommend Paul and his crew to anyone.

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