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Renovation and extention of a 1921 Californian Bungalow

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From out of the ground comes a FRAME!

My husband said to me last night, “have you taken a photo everyday?” I said,”just about”.  and now on looking back at my photos it’s more like one every week, or at least when there are notable changes.    Here is a series of photos taken over the past 6 weeks.  Today the heavens opened and we have a few leeks, so the house looks a little like a circus with a giant tarp over the roof.  Tomorrow the trusses arrive and we will once again have our perceptions altered.   Each step of this build we have had a different minor freak out, in this order:

1. There will be no back yard

2. The house is too big

3. The dining area is too small

4. The office/kids room is too small

5. why do we have so many bedrooms?

6. The pantry is tiny

7. The ceiling height is way to big.

I should mention that I’m not the main culprit having these concerns.  Right now, as I walk through the framed extension I am really happy with the size and layout.  It will be magic.




Dig Dig Dig

Since my last post quite a lot has happened.  We lived in the bungalow for three weeks, not sorry to see the back of that little shack.  During that time Levi had croup (the poor little darling) which made the close quarters a blessing because I stayed awake listening to him breath, or try to breath.

So now, almost five weeks later the bungalow is totally gone, the shed is gone, the ensuite is finished and we are very happily back in the house, albeit just in the front four rooms.

Stumps go in next week before Easter and we should have some framing up by the second week of April! HOORAY.  I can’t wait to walk through the pegged out rooms and get a feel for size.  Anyone who knows me will be able to imagine me prancing through the imaginary rooms, testing them our, pretending to use the oven and washing my hands in the bathroom!

Here are a couple of shots of the demolition.  The ensuite is very dark with grey tiles, so this makes it hard to photograph.  So instead I thought I would show you where I found Levi on the day we moved back in, too little to really know where things go in a toilet!

He look quite proud of his effort. When i found him he was saying "wees wees"

Until next time! Ciao!

Blast Off!

As I sit in the bungalow listening to the sound of plaster being smashed off walls, I am quietly excited that it has all begun.
They arrived at 7am and started with the first hammer blow at 7.30am. No mucking about.
First job is to remove robes from master bedroom and fit two on either side of the window in Archie’s old room. Later we will put a bench seat between.
They have also started to demo the bathroom.
Kids were brilliant sleeping in the bungalow last night, I’m proud, and a little surprised by their resilience.


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