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Renovation and extention of a 1921 Californian Bungalow

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We moved in!!

We are still around 3 weeks from being totally finished.  Our bedrooms are still a total mess and I still have to shuffle to the loo in the middle of the night so I don’t get bruised hips on the bed.  But, over the weekend (mostly Friday night because I was so excited) we moved our stuff into the back room.  We went from having a Kitchen like this….Image to having the space to move around and actually sit as a family and have dinner in this….ImageThere is still a lot to finish, splash back, painting, range hood needs to be raised, need to get some stools. Get our books and dining chairs out of storage (bought the gorgeous bench seat at dining table on ebay).  

It really is all the little things that make a difference, turning on the gas stove without a hand clicker, or having a place for everything, having more than 60cm x 60cm to prepare a meal….and the rest.  I felt like the house exhaled on Saturday morning, everyone was calmer, especially the kids.  Finally having a bit of space to run around in while the weather is YUK!

The lounge is coming along well too.  So from this…..Image

The weird blue thing in the middle of the pic is the leg of the dining table, we were so worried about it being ruined (Mark Tuckey) that we refused to move it into storage or leave it around for builders to ‘just pop stuff on’ so it went in behind a couch on it’s side.  Needless to say the kids loved climbing on it, lucky they are still little!!  four months we lived like this….and we are still married and happy! Any wonder!

Now to this….. ImageWe reused the old fireplace which will get a spruce up.  We think maybe painting it Black? What do you think? Things that need to be finished here, painting, floorboards and lots and lots of books to fill large unit! Lucky for me I’m a bit of a hoarder and have kept every book I’ve ever read!

Next they finish the family bathroom and the boys bedrooms, then they finish the master bedroom.  This week I will book drive way guy, blinds/curtain guy and fly screen guy!

The finish line is in sight, but for now I am one very happy lady!!

On ward and UPWARD

We are out of the ground. A huge step, feels like they have been digging holes for ever and we never got to see China. Stumps went in last week and the joists and bearers are now complete. Today they are dismantling the old kitchen and laying the foundations for the new bathroom.

I have walked up on the joists and only now realise how high this back part of the house will be from the ground. The boys are going to love jumping off it into the back yard!

We have also had a minor freak out at how small the back yard is going to be, but when we did the measurements it worked out to be around 60cm larger than we had before we did the demolition.
Until next time, Ciao!

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