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Renovation and extention of a 1921 Californian Bungalow

What’s this?

When I was little my dad renovated our house, from year to year each room was done, rooms where added and the house got bigger and bigger.  It took so long that by the time he was finished the first room was in need of another paint job and spruce up.

This is my dream, to renovate something for my family, to create a spacious home that we can enjoy for the next 25years.

We live in a Californian bungalow in Bayside Victoria, as it stands as the moment it is a two bedroom, very tired old house.  The plan is to rejuvenate this beautiful house and add a few bedrooms and great big family lounge/kitchen/dining room out the back.

The trick is getting it done quickly while keeping the costs down, my husband and two boys will attempt to live in the house while it happens around us.

There will me many lessons to learn and exiting times ahead.

2 thoughts on “What’s this?

  1. Hi, we too are planning a renovation on a californian bungalow (elsternwick) we are contemplating changing architects (long story) and are interested in using Peter Jackson Designs. How have you found working with him?

    • Hello raisin studio,
      Peter was great, so many clever ideas. Once you have the working drawings there is no more hand holding. I would recommend that you group your changes together and brief them in at once to save money. Also, I found him very professional, but there were a few mistakes made along the way by other people doing work for him. The only other thing to mention is we gave a budget for the build and what we ended up with was something almost twice our budget. The design was so good we have had to stretch ourselves to get it. Good luck with your renovation and blog, I will enjoy reading about your build.
      Ask questions anytime, happy to help.

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