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Renovation and extention of a 1921 Californian Bungalow

My beautiful kitchen

It’s been such a long time since I added anything to this blog, recently someone asked me to post some finished photos. So here is my favorite spot, my kitchen.


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4 thoughts on “My beautiful kitchen

  1. Rachel on said:

    Hi there We recently bought a Californian Bungalow in the Inner North of Melbourne. We are currently living interstate. In two weeks we commence renovations to what we hope to be our ‘forever’ family home. I’d love to hear if you have any recommendations, any things you’d do differently having recently renovated yourselves.

    • Congratulations. It’s such a classic style of house and always holds plenty of potential. Overall we are really happy with what we produced, a good mix of old and new, we hope this is our forever home too so made decisions based on that, and the fact at the start we had two little boys, we now have three little boys so the things we made robust are important. For example, all our skirting boards are 20cm high, internal and external doors in back room have 28cm kick boards and we got a simple kitchen (laminate with stone benches) because we figure when they are older we can easily replace doors and draw fronts freshen.
      Our aim was to get the big picture right and everything else is easy to change over time.
      Advice? Research everything and create a plan, I used evernote so I always had it with me, stick to the plan. We did and the result was only a few weeks overdue and only $1000 over budget, the moment you divert from the plan the builder will see that as an opportunity to slug extra charges.

      Really think about two things, how you will live and use the space over the ‘forever’ time, what will the play room become, is there still room for a pool when we win tatts, and how to marry the two ends of the house, old and new. We used some if the original features in the extentions, fireplace and some ledlights, if your planning to live their forever the (gorgeous) polished concrete look may not stand the test if time, but equally trying to replicate a 1920’s may it be a space you want to live in.
      Happy to answer any further. I hope I have helped. Good luck Rachel.

      • Rachel on said:

        Many thanks for your thoughtful reply! You are right…stick to the plan, we have just started investigating adding a loft….blow out already but we know this will save us room for ‘that pool’ when we win tats… or just give us some much wanted garden space for our three smalls.
        One difficulty for us is we have only recently purchased the home current owners are still in the home until we get settlement on the day the building starts! Big breath…. Thanks for your tips on the skirting boards, I had chosen 14cm but think on your sensible advice we will up that.
        We have good idea for the work, the old home will be renovated first (inc adding loft bedrooms) then we will move in and live in it, later we knock down the lean-to extension and add a new kitchen, living area. A little like you.

        One thing I have had trouble sourcing (from interstate – so I am limited to online research) were the original cal bung style doors, similar to those you used. Can you advise me where you found your doors. I have founds some new (corinthian doors) but they were v. expensive $200+ per door. Many thanks in advance. Rachel

      • Do you mean the internal doors? We had them custom made, 9ft tall so not cheap. The internal bedroom doors are all original doors reused. Good luck with the move!

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