Worst 2 Best

Renovation and extention of a 1921 Californian Bungalow

Start date in sight

Big week, we signed a contract with builder, paid 5% deposit, bought all the fittings and fixtures for the ensuite and moved the boys into the one room.
27th Feb is the date things will get underway, the plan is for us to move into the bungalow for three weeks while the builder renovated the ensuite and closes off the parts of the house we will not be able to use during the Build. Then once that is done we will move back into the house and live without a fully functioning kitchen or laundry for the four months until the extension is complete. I am it’s worried about living in the bungalow, two little boys and us in the same room…. Thank God the weather is nice and we can sit outside while the kids go to sleep.
More updates soon, now thing are moving I should have a lot more to talk about!
Oh by the way, have got onto Pintrest and am addicted to it, great way for me to illustrate to husband the look I am going for.


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2 thoughts on “Start date in sight

  1. So jealous, I can’t afford a builder and doing everything myself is sooo slow. Csan’t wait to see how you survive (I’m sure you will). Just think of it as an extended camping trip 😉
    What is your Pinterest account? Mine is http://pinterest.com/minuet_stephens thoroughly addicted. 🙂

    • Hello Minuet,
      It’s funny you suggested the camping idea. That’s exactly what I am telling my boys, trying to make an adventure of it! I think it will be harder on my husband and I. My pintrest name is Tuesday Today. I have just followed a bunch of your boards so I should be easy to find.
      Thanks for following.
      Have a good day,

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