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Renovation and extention of a 1921 Californian Bungalow

Fitting old features into modern house

This is my favourite blog to read, have a laugh and learn a little from…


What I think they do brilliantly is retaining old features while giving it a modern edge, it is always sympathic to the old house but it is looking beautiful.

There are many old features of this house I would love to keep and include in the extention, simple things like the picture rail, vents and brass door fittings.  But what about ceiling rose? Will it look stupid to have one in the middle of the room with nothing hanging from it?

Have a look at the features I love in this Californian Bungalow.

Fire Place we will use in the back room - New tiles and surround

  • Not sure what to do with this one, where to put it but we love it

and this is the style of all the doors. We will continue the panel door look, but the master bedroom will not have glass, a girl needs her privacy!


This is currently hanging in the hall, but I'm thinking of putting it in the ensuite or even my walk in robe?


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2 thoughts on “Fitting old features into modern house

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Looks like you gave an art deco beauty on your hands — should be a fun renovation! I’m totally jealous of that chandelier. And those fireplaces? I swoon. We plan on eventually doing a writeup on how we choose what to keep and what to get rid of, but our best trick is to ask ourselves if something is unique. It’s more of a gut feeling than anything else, but if it’s unique and we like the look of it, it’s a keeper. Good luck! And feel free to bounce ideas off of us. We’re very opinionated 😉

    • The house is a Californian Bungalow which was right before Art Deco, so there are lots of little gems that hint to the future style. Built in 1921 and renovated around 20 years ago, so we are really lucky to have such a good starting point. We are no where near as handy and talented as you both, so professional will be used liberally and as budget allows.

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