Worst 2 Best

Renovation and extention of a 1921 Californian Bungalow


I recently saw in one of my glossy magazines a pot full of wooden spoons on the bench of a beautiful new kitchen. I thought the juxtapose of old and new was beautiful. So I told my mum to keep her eyes peeled for spoons at ops shops and the like, only a few hours later she arrived with 4 spoons, “they were a bargain at $1 each”. Ok, I can live with a $4 splurge on old spoons. This week I walked up to our local Lions Club Op Shop and found 6 wooden spoon, all at different stages of wear and tear. Thinking I would be paying around the same, I approached the counter with a fist of coins. The gorgeous old volunteer said, “oh dear, I’m not sure how much these are…just give me a dollar for the lot”…is it wrong to be so excited about ripping a charity shop off?? To ease my conscience I handed over $2 and said to keep the change!! Secret millionaire and am not!
Needless to say my collection is coming along nicely! have a look!


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