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Make Hay (Veggies) While The Sun Shines!

The sun is shining the birds are singing, it really is a wonderful day….

Check out this brilliant play set, we are thinking of putting off the pool idea for 7-8 years, so the kids are old enough to enjoy and it doesn’t eat away the budget for the build.  So an idea is to install a really good play centre instead, it will last that long and if we really need to, we can sell it at the end. It sells for $2499 + $95 for delivery to Melb.  I think that is pretty good!!

We have also decided, after my brother’s inspirational green thumery (I made that word up) to have a veggie patch.  Archie will enjoy getting into the garden more and if we plant now we might have something to harvest at Christmas!  I am tempted to just have these crates delivered, this company is brilliant and semi local (which I love). 

$390 per crates, filled with soil and planted with seasonal veggies!! and other $44 for delivery.  (click on the image to go to their website.)


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One thought on “Make Hay (Veggies) While The Sun Shines!

  1. thepeopleinside on said:

    Love the idea of the play equipment and the vegie boxes. The kids will enjoy both of them so much. Now if only Allens lollies made planter boxes, they would definitely be a hit!

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