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Renovation and extention of a 1921 Californian Bungalow

Kids Book Case

Children’s books are so beautiful, colourful and a great decoration for their room.  I saw this on ‘Meet me at Mike’s’ and thought it was a brilliant idea.  You could also build it into the recess of the wall so it would take up no space at all.  If I make it tall enough the really good books, that little hands are not allowed to touch, can go on a high shelf. http://www.meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com/I also found this in one of my mags that I totally love and would look brilliant in Archie’s room.  The room size is 3.7 x 3.7m with 10ft ceilings, so this would certainly bring all that space together.  Just one problem, they don’t ship to Australia so I will need to get an American friend to take delivery and send on to me.



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2 thoughts on “Kids Book Case

  1. Hi Alecia
    I love the library display idea! The world map is also quirky, but my fav is the Library display.
    Thanks for visiting me, glad you liked my post on Debbie. Just in case you’re interested, she’s on face book….she has more pics over there!

    have a good weekend whatever you maybe doing, Gail

  2. Janine Luttick on said:

    Hi Alecia, its Janine- Kylie and your mum’s friend. Kylie told me about your blog and I have loved reading it. My sister-in-law is currently resigning her children’s play space and I have sent her this link to the book display as it looks great. I am attempting to do a simple renovation on my ’70’s bathroom. I think I would be completely overwhelmed doing a house as the bathroom has proven enough for me. Good luck with it.

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